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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

About Our Church

We are blessed with a church at which all people are invited to come and join with us in serving the Lord and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). 

Located in Coffeeville, Mississippi in the Bryant Community, we are affiliated with the Mt. Moriah District Association, the Mississippi General Missionary Baptist State Convention, and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. We are a mission-minded church focused on reaching the world for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are a friendly, loving, family-focused congregation. Dedicated to preaching and teaching without compromise the entire inspired Word of God as revealed in the Bible, we aspire to know more, grow more, see more, and be more in Christ. 

We exist to make a difference in the world around us for time and for eternity by faithfully serving our Lord through evangelism, mission, ministries, outreach, and service. As members, we have "an obligation to make the church and its work priority in our lives. It is an obligation to use our time and our talents for the glory of God, an obligation to support the work with our presence, our influence, and our means. There is a need for every member to be consecrated, trained, and enlisted in active service. We are under obligation to be the very best members possible under the leading of the Lord."

It is Pleasant Grove’s promise to equip each of our members, new as well as old, with the knowledge base and resources to carry out their obligations to the fullest. We do not condone lip service. We are about winning souls and doing God's work. 

It's a new day in the Grove!