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Prayer for Safe Education as well as Recommendations
   Discussion: Prayer for Safe Education as well as Recommendations
O.Giselle Johnson (Charlo (anon) · 3 years, 3 months ago
Greetings Rev.,After completing my bachelors degree, I am interested in a license to become a Funeral Director.  I would appreciate a moment if you could complete the necessary recommendation in order for me to travel and enjoy this process, so that I can provide the best possible care.  The recommendation, is very simple and just needs to have the following wording in order for me to qualify in an academic scholarship.  In order to continue, it must arrive via U.S.mail and email; however I am striving and looking to SUCCEED and not fail.  Since mortuary science encompasses a technical approach, I know that I have the support and backing of the church. Please forward to Post Office 561, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 and [email][/email]; so that I can physically have one as well.  The best method is email, since it mst be received by the end of the week and school starts in July. We need all the support!Recommendation on the Church Letterhead:June 24, 2014It is with great pleasure that I, ____________, recommend O. Giselle Johnson, who is a qualified educational student and capable of learning. She is interested in obtaining the necessary degree and applying her S.T.E.M. characteristics.  As a member of the church, she shows her dedication throughout the community locally, nationally, and internationally.   

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