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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
What Can You Give?
   Discussion: What Can You Give?
Charles (anon) · 12 years, 8 months ago
God wants you to learn to be a giver.  Instead of trying to figure out what everybody can do for you, begin to figure out what you can do for other people.  When you reach out to other people in need, God will
make sure that your own needs are met.  When you learn the simple
secret of how to "live to give," you will truly be fulfilled and
happy, and experience the abundance God has for you.

You may think you don't have anything to give, but you can give a hug, or a smile.  You can give your time and encourage those around you. You can make a difference in somebody's life today.  As you develop your lifestyle of giving, you will discover the champion in you!

A Prayer the Potential Giver:

God, You ask that I learn to be a giver and I know that I will be
fulfilled and rewarded when I do. Thank you for giving me opportunities to serve You by serving others. In Jesus' Name -- Amen.

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