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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

juan deleon · 21 days ago
=11.0pt=12.0ptCognidren we hope will make a big difference in the exercise patterns of the elderly population so these people complete their exercises at the Y and under the supervision of a studies certified trainer in the first twelve months and then independently in the final six months and so we're following their cognitive performance doing brain imaging and doing biomarkers through this and the study is still ongoing and it's a 300 person study we've enrolled now 240 some individuals and we we had a goal to hit the 300 by December and we're gonna make it now it was really hard initially to get subjects into this because there was four days a week of a commitment and you know of a couple hours a day so it's not a minor thing but in fact once the people get in there's almost no drop out so they like it they just hesitant to get into it but once they're in there they enjoy it and and we'll we'll find out how it goes so this is the study

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