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The Courage to be Different
   Discussion: The Courage to be Different
Anonymous (anon) · 12 years, 1 month ago
The Courage to Be Different
  "It was a disaster. The children of Israel had come out of so much. They had seen so many miracles. At GOD's command, Moses had sent out spies to search out the Promised Land . . . . and it was a good land, flowing with milk and honey. They had even seen fruit so large it took two men to carry it! They were on the verge of blessings they had never even seen before! Glory to GOD!

But they were scared. And when you look through the eyes of fear, things look different. There were giants in the land. When the children of Israel looked at the giants, they were as grasshoppers in their own eyes. As a result, they became like grasshoppers in the eyes of their enemies. (Numbers 13:33)

But two men, Joshua and Caleb, they were different. And they were blessed because they were different. They dared to say that if the Lord GOD delighted in them, then the enemies will be bread for them . . . let's go up at once and possess what GOD has for us! (Numbers 14: 6-9)

They had the courage to be different. They had the courage to know what was right . . . and they would follow GOD if they were the only two in the entire nation of Israel to do so!

As a result, GOD brought Joshua and Caleb into the Promised Land. Others died in the wilderness, never coming into their blessings. Joshua and Caleb were different for GOD, and they were blessed for it.

Now, it must be noted here that they were different, not just being strange. They weren't acting different in order to get attention, or to stir up drama. They were different in that they followed GOD fully (Numbers 14:24, 30).

Are we ready to follow GOD wholly, claiming His Promises and relying on His Word? Don't think that you won't have to separate yourself, because you will have to, from time to time, say ""Look, I know what GOD says in His Word, and that is what I am going for.""

Do you have the courage to be different?

Do you want to go into the Promised Blessings? I'd rather go into the Promised Blessings all by myself than to die out in the wilderness and be a part of the crowd.

Let's pray. ""Father GOD, we just want to love You more and more. We know Your Word is true. We ask, Father GOD, for the courage to follow You wholly . . . even if it means that we are not part of the crowd. We know, GOD, that if You are for us, then You are more than the world against us. We love You, GOD. Amen and amen.""

Let's have the courage to be different, to be holy . . . even if it means we stand alone.

Be Blessed, everyone!
Anonymous (anon) · 12 years ago
Fear is the thing that keeps the majority of us from receiving all the benefits we could as a result of being a Christian. We are too afraid to step out on faith. If all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed, what in heaven and on earth could we receive if we had more and were obedient to the will of God? I dare you to try it and see!
Anonymous (anon) · 11 years, 9 months ago
I didn't really need courage. All I had to do was trust God. I am different, uniquely made, bought with the highest price. Jesus has changed my whole life!
Anonymous (anon) · 11 years, 8 months ago
If we are saved, then we will be different. Too many people are critical and judgemental, and they wonder why people don't respond to them. Nobody wants to listen to fussing all the time. Personally, I shut it out and I probably miss out on things I need to hear. God is compassionate. We should follow his example, not the world's. Then we will be different and make a difference.

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