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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
60 Second Prayer
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Jan (anon) · 12 years ago

The Sixty Second Prayer

by B.J. Collins


Oh Lord, I speak to you now because I know that you are right here with me.

Your power is immeasurable, and the love you have for your children is greater than I can imagine. Your mighty hand works in my life every day, and the gifts that you provide are all I'll ever need. I am blessed by your kindness - I am made holy by your word, and I owe my salvation to the sacrifice of Jesus, your son.

I pray that you will help me to hear your voice so that I may choose the path where your Spirit will lead me. I pray that I will continue to grow in the knowledge and wisdom that you have shared with me by your grace. I pray that my words and actions will help others to know your name, and I pray that one day I can gaze upon your face and share the glory of your kingdom.

I love you, father, and I thank you for listening to my prayer.

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