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What You Should Be Aware Of When Looking For Contacts Online

   Discussion: What You Should Be Aware Of When Looking For Contacts Online
Francene Frayer · 1 month ago
The conjunctiva is the outer covering of our eyes. This lining  Eagle Eye 911 Review    consist of cells that produce mucous that lubricates the eye. This thin layer is the first line of protection. Inflammation of the conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis or pink eye. The first and most powerful lens is the clear, domed-shape cornea; it is always clear because there is no blood vessel in this area. The aqueous humor is the one who keeps the cornea nourished, the tears that runs down into it keeps it moist.  The iris is the colored part of the eye: some are brown, green, blue etc. This part contracts and expands, open and close the pupil in response to the brightness of surrounding light. The iris protects the most sensitive retina. Damage to the iris will eventually damage the retina. The pupil is the hole in the center of the iris where light passes through. It is the iris muscle that controls the size. Like the camera with a film, we have to protect it from direct light exposure; the retina is the film of the eye. It converts light rays into electrical signal which will be send to the brain by the optic nerve.  In between the lens and retina is a space called vitreous cavity which is filled with jelly like liquid called vitreous humor. This is the few of the many parts of the eye. Looking at the structure, we can see that there is no hard covering or protection for our eyes like our delicate brain. Our eyes is highly vulnerable to injury and so delicate to fix once there is a problem. Care and good health habit is very important to keep our vision good. Any problem that arises should be taken cared right away. The eye is the window of our soul. How terrible if the window is shut down.  

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