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Type 1 Diabetes and HMO Healthcare

   Discussion: Type 1 Diabetes and HMO Healthcare
Francene Frayer · 29 days ago
These socks do not have any seams that can cause irritation to   Diabetes Freedom Review the feet. The traditional socks have seams in them and these seams rub constantly against the feet and cause blisters over a period of time. Usually, most traditional socks have a binding top. This can be achieved by tight stitching or elastic bands. This binding top holds the sock in place and prevents it from slipping down. However, this convenience can affect the normal blood flow in the feet and lead to poor circulation.  Gradually the arteries become blocked and the existing low flexibility caused by diabetes is further aggravated reducing the blood circulation further. Diabetes socks do not have these binders and this prevents blood flow reduction in the feet due to tightness. The use of normal material often produces wrinkles in socks. This makes the socks bunch up and the effects can be as bad as a seam as pressure from the wrinkles are applied on the feet.  When wrinkle-free material is used this unnecessary pressure is avoided. When your shoes become wet due to sweat then even the socks become sodden with moisture. This makes them stick to the feet. This causes friction and leads to sores and blisters. Also the moisture provides a breeding place for bacteria and fungus. Socks for diabetes re made from special materials that are literally 'breathable'. They let the feet breathe and prevents gathering of sweat by helping it to evaporate fast. In this way the friction and bacteria build up can be avoided.

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