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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Follo Wbias · 16 days ago
=13.5ptViapro Maxx [color=black]No components, no organs, no variations (bhedam). That indescribable Atman exists in every and every performing thing. IT is the substratum of all... Booma, refers to is 'largest' but there may be no similar. That atma is Happiness, the entirety else that [/color]Viapro Maxx[color=black] we appear to revel in through senses is however pleasure and joy, a fraction or a glimpse of that Happiness. That atma is in all, like thread in a beaded chain, maintaining all beads collectively, atma is the substratum of all appearances. Due to many conditionings, [/color] =11pt=13.5pt =13.5pt

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