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He seldom ever talks about RuneScape

   Discussion: He seldom ever talks about RuneScape
wfuuopy · 16 days ago
Rendi made a massive deal about RuneScape gold every step along the trip. 1 day, Woox simply simply. . . . Did uploaded and it lol. He rarely ever speaks about it even when his conversation is currently pressuring him about it. Like a true god, he does the things retreats to wait for the challenge and he's always the first to CRUSH it. Bro where are you seeing this conduct? He's had armor on every challenge attempt completed. Rendi didnt prayer flick at all. When you're lvl 3 you dont possess prot prayers at 14, you see. Rendi revealed his game wisdom and wave management that was wonderful to acquire the Cape. Tick eating. The idea is the same where one tick equals death. It is a massive achievement that takes skill, game understanding, persistence and insane RNG. But when we had to select among the two achievements as the harder achievement, the inferno of Woox is still hands down harder. Both are runescape gods. Rendi is similar to Odin, meanwhile Woox is Zeus. It actually doesnt take huge rng. All combat cave waves are on a set rotation and you are able to check the rotation beforehandI dont believe thats the case however. Both require another sort of ability in my opinion I dont believe one is far better than another. But if you wished to debate for the sake of debating anyone could hypothetically learn how to prayer flick that well whereas noone will ever find the ring of suffering exploit like rendi failed to be able to jump off tutorial island and get a fire cape. I dont think thats the case though. Both require a different type of skill in my opinion I dont believe one is far better than the other. But if you wanted to disagreement for the sake of debating anyone may hypothetically learn how to prayer flick that nicely whereas noone could ever discover the ring of enduring exploit like rendi did to be able to leap off tutorial island and receive a flame cape. I know everything you're saying. I believe we might have to agree to disagree. From my perspective: anybody who's motivated and determined enough can achieve a level 3 fire cape. Rendi has insane game knowledge & he has contributed to bettering the understanding/exploiting of their sport mechanisms. However he had a lot of help. He is well connected with the underground & market runescape communities that contributed a great deal of cheap RS gold game knowledge to him.  

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