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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

I Am Fruitful, Not Barren

   Discussion: I Am Fruitful, Not Barren
Lesliebadena · 13 days ago
A One of the biggest protections that we can have here on earth is just to simply  Full Chakra Reset Program say: I don't know the truth of this situation. When we are faced with a problem, we tend to gather facts and try to think it through. If the problem is with another person, we might try to get to the truth, and we go back and forth with questions, with statements, and can stay as muddled as ever - or get more confused. We have all had that experience. The more we think or talk about it, the more possibilities come in, the more contradictions come in. In fact, the original problem can amplify itself and make less and less sense. When I was in my late twenties, I once found myself in that position. The more I tried to understand, the more tangled it all became. Every time I asked a question, the answer seemed to make the situation more unfathomable. I remember walking down the street saying to myself, "the truth must be much deeper than all the information I have been given, because there has to be truth in this situation." That led to the thought that we humans are only living on the periphery of truth. We will never know the deeper reasons for many aspects and events of our lives. To say it another way: There is a depth of truth to life itself and to our own individual lives that we really are not going to penetrate while we are on earth. To understand those higher laws is not even the goal of our existence here on earth.

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