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Life Saving News About Green Tea and Prostrate Cancer!

   Discussion: Life Saving News About Green Tea and Prostrate Cancer!
Lesliebadena · 16 days ago
Consider this, every year couples spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on fertility Strictiond treatments in hopes of having a family. What if the problem in many of these cases was a zinc deficiency? Think of the emotional, physical, and financial stress you've gone through when perhaps zinc would have changed things. Zinc is also necessary during pregnancy to ensure the development and growth of the fetus. In fact, many experts theorize that a zinc deficiency could be responsible for many miscarriages.The importance of zinc cannot be stressed enough! It has so much to offer in the way of benefits. This is an essential mineral that can be found in several foods. Zinc can be found in liver, oysters, other meats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, almonds, whole grain, and milk. So why are there still zinc deficiencies? There are many reasons. Those eating a vegetarian diet often have a zinc deficiency. However, even those who aren't vegetarians and who eat the right foods may have a zinc deficiency because those foods aren't always rich in the nutrients that they should be rich in.

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