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Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Fat - The Alarming Reality is Revealed

   Discussion: Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Fat - The Alarming Reality is Revealed
Lesliebadena · 9 days ago
The common theme among all these research studies is that the greater the portions of food, the more  Leptitox that people tend to eat. Even if you are obese, a minute portion of food can go a long way toward changing your condition without leaving you hungry.The fasting experience can be an unexpected rollercoaster ride for those who aren't prepared for the ups and downs of fasting.  Fasting can be a wonderful way to get permanent results with a little effort and wherewithal. A fast when done properly, leads to everlasting lifestyle changes and can jumpstart a future full of health and vitality. Fasting requires a steadfast determination to change. For first time fasters, it is advisable to begin with short fast lasting no more than 1-3 days and slowly begin doing longer fasts.  The first-time faster can start by fasting just one day a week, abstaining from certain foods daily, or by fasting just one meal a day until they are comfortable with the fasting techniques. It is also highly recommended to "pre-fast" before attempting any long term fast by consuming more fruits and vegetables and abstaining from alcohol, sweets, fried foods and red meat for 3 days to two weeks prior to attempting a fast longer than 3 days.When beginning a fast, be prepared for detox symptoms. Some detox symptoms include: headaches, nausea, backaches, fatigue, restlessness, upset stomach and flu-like symptoms.

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