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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Illuc Idate · 10 days ago
=11.0pt[color=blue]Androxene   [/color]=13.5pt[color=black]For numerous films( the latest Doomsday being only one) and not only (for those of you who played them, the Fallout games are modeled after the whole Mad Max universe). The first one had the horse power and fresh ideas. But it was The Road Warrior that made Mad Max a cult franchise, and Mel Gibson a bona fide star(don't listen to anyone that names Lethal [/color]=11.0pt=13.5ptAndroxene Reviews=13.5pt[color=black] Weapon as his breakthrough role). It had all that's become cliche today: comic relief side kick, the raiders, the faceless villain and the anti-hero main character ("I'm just here for the gasoline.[/color] =11.0pt=13.5pt

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