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"Exercise" before bed helps "sleep" really easier?

   Discussion: "Exercise" before bed helps "sleep" really easier?
jiraporn66 · 17 days ago
slotOf course, while you are experiencing something uncomfortable. Sometimes these stories can affect how hard your nervous system and brain work. Cause to be Insomnia And it can lead to degradation of health, although there is no definite research. But researchers can indicate that regular exercise at least a few hours before bedtime tends to have a mechanism involved in sleep. But it should be light exercise, such as aerobic, yoga, because exercise like this Will help calm your mind And stabilize the mood before falling down on the bedMore than that Exercise can also help reduce stress levels. And your anxiety as well Importantly, you should avoid strenuous exercise right away when you go to bed. Because it may make it harder for you to fall asleep due to fatigue. Muscle aches  

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