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I See A Real Possibility For Third

   Discussion: I See A Real Possibility For Third
Kingang · 19 days ago
The theory behind the template is, by knowing the correct amount of doorways each various possible room the Building skill provides, and by being able to picture it on your computer screen or on paper, you'll find it a lot easier to make a eye-pleasing and effective design for your POH.My parents tried to make me stop playing, but I didnt hear themplayed 8 hours each day weekdays and 10+ hours on weekends, I hardly passed my classes and I skipped school often. 1 time I binge played to 18+ hours a day for 7 days. It all came to stop in the end of the senior year when my OSRS gold account bunny_mgl was banned, I was selling the game things on ebay. My 3 decades of work came to finish, I was among the richest player in the sport. Looking back at what I did and I missed and I wanted to kill myself. I was so mad that my work was erased, that my parents hated me since I treated them like crap, only friend I had been about the game, My teacher advised me to see the school nurse and she referred me to visit Psychiatrist, we spoke for 30 mins and I had been shot in a police car to mental institution for having suicidel thoughts. As soon as I told the psychiatrist who I'd purchased 5 extacy pill and believed about over-dosing myself with it, I am not the only individual from runescape to have a life like this. This sport Runescape is such an evil sport, you literally have to play 10 hours each day for a month or two to complete one skill and theres 20+ abilities, the made of this game, JAGEX firm hired Psychologists to make the game addicting so they can remove from a million individuals 5$ a month to play with the game, in this game there is roughly 150-300 thousand people that are hooked on this sport and their lifestyles are being eaten. There is at any given moment 100-200 thousand people playing this game. I want to rescue the other people who awakened into this game like I had, I need these huge corporations to stop making these games so addicting and time intensive and eating lifestyles of others. Now I'm in college 3rd year, I have a happy life. I go to church on sundays and spend some time with my loved ones. I wanted to bomb the head quarters of this game business but I dont believe voilence will solve this. And Cheap RuneScape gold isnt the only game that's eating people's lives.  

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