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Why are we "frustrated" with these 10 emotional side effects!

   Discussion: Why are we "frustrated" with these 10 emotional side effects!
ritcha · 8 days ago
Believe no one Never frustrated before. "Frustration" is a feeling of agitation. It is often because of the need to respond to stressful situations. It's a mental health condition Children are often sick or tired, but adults have more reasons. But often from time to time, if your friends get irritated regularly, what makes you irritable? So many things can get frustrating. The causes can be divided into two general categories: Physical and mental Psychological causes Or some common psychology of irritability are Tension Concern Depression Bipolar or bipolar disorder Other schizophrenia Have autism Common physical causes include Sleep deprivation Low blood sugar Ear infection Toothache Diabetes influenza Medical conditions that cause hormonal changes can also affect our mood. Examples include Menopause Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or as we know it. Symptoms before menstruation comes Polycystic ovary syndrome (POS). Hypothyroidism (Hyperthyroidism) Diabetes And may be frustrating because it is a side effect from the drugs we take Here are some other possible causes. Drug use Alcoholism Nicotine withdrawal symptoms (Techniques to avoid nicotine withdrawal) Caffeine withdrawal symptoms (Caffeine withdrawal, how to stop coffee withdrawal?) Most people get frustrated from time to time. For example, it's normal to feel frustrated after not getting enough sleep. slotxo Some people get frustrated regularly.If your friends are one of these people, contact your doctor. Because the doctor will be able to help your friends Identify the possible causes of regular irritability.

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