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The Real Deal on Godly Relationships
   Discussion: The Real Deal on Godly Relationships
Praiser #1 · 11 years, 7 months ago
The Real Deal on Godly Relationships

By Michelle McKinney Hammond



Adam is asleep. Allow that to sink into your spirit. God made Adam go into a deep sleep in order to create woman. He did not awaken Adam until woman was a complete and finished work. Women, God is waiting for you to become a finished vessel of honor—one capable of being the inspiration for making men become the men they should be in Christ Jesus.


Before He wakes up that man in your life, God is going to complete His work in you. He is not going to wake the man up to behold a half-baked cookie. He wants every woman to be rooted and grounded in the full understanding of who she was created to be prior to setting her before the eyes of her own Adam. She needs to be equipped to inspire that man to be the God-fearing man he’s supposed to be. God knows that a complete woman is a force with which to be reckoned. This is why He pitted the woman, not the man against the devil. He said that He would place enmity between the woman and the snake, between her offspring and the snake’s offspring (Genesis 3:15). He knew that a determined woman was capable of doing great damage to the kingdom of darkness, especially if she sensed that any of her beloved were being threatened. Women are powerful. And praying women are the most dangerous weapons on the planet in Satan’s eyes. When a God-fearing woman prays, everybody needs to grab their seat belts, because there is going to be a whole lot of shaking going on until her request is fulfilled. When women fall in line with the plans and will of God, the right men will wake up and take notice. Then and only then, will relationships flourish and glorify God, allowing us to taste the fruit of victory.

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