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10 most successful black people in the world

   Discussion: 10 most successful black people in the world
ritcha · 22 days ago
1. Oprah Winfrey Oprah has been insulted that people like her are not suitable for television. But now she is the owner of the show. slotxo And many famous television presenters She is also a presenter for a weight loss company where she holds 10 percent of her shares. Oprah has a total assets of $ 2.8 billion. And became the richest black American in the world 2. Daymond John Daymond is known as a businessman with many businesses. Whether it is a tv show Clothing brand And business technology He's known as a business man since he was a kid. The first product he sold was customizable pencils. Which at that time he was only about 7 years old He has approximately $ 250 million in assets.   3.Michael Jordan Michael is the greatest basketball player in history. Which is from almost all of his abilities As a result, he became a very influential figure in basketball. And build yourself to become a brand His business is vast. Including clothing, sports shoes, advertisements, and also owns the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. Michael has approximately $ 1.65 billion in assets. 4.Robert & Sheila Johnson (Robert L.Johnson & Sheila Johnson) Robert is the founder of Black Entertainment Television, which is very popular with black people. He shares a share with his ex-wife, Celia. And when he sold the station for $ 2.9 billion. It resulted in them becoming America's billionaires. The couple also owns many of the top sports teams. 5. Janice Bryant Howroyd Janis is the founder and executive of Act 1 Group, a renowned consulting firm. As a result, she became the first black American woman to make her own company worth $ 1 billion. During the beginning of the company, she had a lot of hardships. Whether it is an operation Office equipment matters And her fame can only be achieved through word of mouth. 6. Sean Combs Shaun Combs, or his industry name, P. Diddy, a famous American rapper who succeeded in establishing his own record label. He also created his own clothing brand and was awarded the prestigious American Fashion Council award in 2004. It is also the founder of Revolt, a music network. And also has its own restaurant It is estimated that he has $ 820 million in assets. 7. Jay-Z and Beyonce Jay Z is both an accomplished artist. And avid businessman He has established companies such as a music label, clothing store and music streaming service Tidal, and Beyoncé is known for his music. It is an artist that is hardly known. Jay Z has an estimated assets of $ 810 million. His wife, Beyoncé, has an estimated $ 290 million. 8. Dr. Dre Dr. Dre is an industry name for Andre Young, America's top rapper. He is the owner of the hit product like Beats headphones. He is also the person who has supported many artists to become famous. And has its own music label 9. Madam C.J. Walker She was the first black woman millionaire in American history. Which comes from the business of hair styling exclusively for African Americans. What she invented was caused by a personal problem, that she often lost her hair. As the business grows She also started expanding into cosmetics. And built a specialized cosmetic laboratory She is a person who always travels all over the world promoting and educating products. Until your last day 10. George Foreman George Forman was a world heavyweight champion in 1994 at the age of 45. He encouraged his son to be a boxer like himself. And when his son opened a gym to teach boxing George also joined the investment. He also founded a butcher shop.

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