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Irregular menstruation, what is the reason, what should I do?

   Discussion: Irregular menstruation, what is the reason, what should I do?
jiraporn66 · 15 days ago
 There is a question from home asked to come into the Ask Expert page that "The menstruation is absent. Since April Until now it's November But no symptoms like pregnant women Is this normal? “It is believed that many young people have had the same experience in the past. But may not know what caused So today let'sslotlook at the answer together.Menstruation (Mense) is the blood that flows from the uterus. With the dead endometrium peeling off Fall and fall Birth is a normal menstrual cycle every 21-36 days (from the first day of the menstrual period). Amenorrhea / Missed Period is a condition in which menstruation is absent. Or not coming normally Which menstruation must disappear for 3 months to be called "Absence of menstruation" If menstruation is absent for only 1-2 months, it is called late menstruation. Absent menstruation can be divided into 2 types. Primary amenorrhea is a woman who is 18 years old but has not yet started menstruation. In general, women tend to have their periods at the age of 12. Secondary amenorrhea is a woman who has had her period before. But later the menstrual period is absent for at least 6 months or 3 menstrual cycles And from the home question At 6 months of absent menstruation, therefore, it is considered a secondary amenorrhea Causes of menstruation Pregnancy is a common cause. And it's the reason most people suspect is the very first cause when menstruation is missing. Which if in reproductive age And having sexual behavior in the pre-menstrual period May cause lack of menstruation Which is not a malfunction Able to do a preliminary examination by himself By examining urine with a pregnancy test Or go to the doctor to do a pregnancy test to get a clear confirmation Anxiety stress can cause irregular menstruation. Menstruation can be absent for several months at a time, as stress can affect the hormonal changes related to fertility and menstruation. Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, causing lack of menstruation. Lack of sexual feelings Taking birth control pills for too long Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives, such as oral contraceptives Contraceptive injection Which is the reason why menstruation is commonly absent During breastfeeding, many mothers who have already given birth. Menstruation may not come yet or menstruation is absent. Because it was during the postpartum period Or during breastfeeding Which in the postpartum period Or even after a miscarriage If there is still milk, it is normal for the period to not come until weaning. Menopause or menopause (Menopausal syndrome) when older. Between the ages of 40-59, estrogen levels drop. Because the ovaries stop working Which causes the end of menstruation permanently Have a tumor on the pituitary gland Pituitary gland tumor Or even a tumor near the pituitary gland can cause menstruation. By a tumor of the pituitary gland called Pituitary gland can cause body abnormalities such as an enlarged shape. Missing menstrual periods Abnormal hormone levels Hormone-producing ovaries Whether it creates a lot of hormones Or at least it can cause a lack of menstruation If the hormone estrogen and progesterone are too little. It's not enough to stimulate menstruation or if the ovaries produce too much testosterone. Can cause the period to disappear as well Excessive weight gain or loss Women with weight gain Or reduce too much, may cause menstrual symptoms not coming Especially when fasting Or losing weight too quickly May lack nutrients to stimulate the production of hormones that cause ovulation. As for those who are overweight or obese Will cause the body to produce a lot of estrogen Which affects the menstrual cycle And cause menstruation not to come Too much exercise Women who exercise too much May cause amenorrhea Because the body loses too much fat A 16-year-old woman has about 22 percent of her body fat. At least Therefore able to maintain normal menstrual cycles Therefore, in women with less body fat Or too thin May cause lack of menstruation as well Uterine disease, such as uterine radiation to treat cancer Or is a disease of some kind of the uterus itself Such as tuberculosis of the uterine lining Abortion and curettage The uterine wall is too damaged. Until causing a scar inside Webbed together This is also a cause of lack of menstruation. Have certain diseases such as thyroid disease Pancreatic disease And diseases of the adrenal glands You who are sick and have a fever, whatever but May cause temporary absenteeism But when the disease is cured Menstruation will be normal. Certain chronic diseases, such as pulmonary tuberculosis, can lead to a loss of menstruation. Multiple ovarian cyst This condition is caused by the ovary having a large number of ovarian cysts. These cysts will not let the eggs fall out. Lack of menstruation What are the disadvantages? Endometrial thickening If menstruation is absent for a long time May thicken the endometrium Which a good day may result in abnormal vaginal bleeding. And if you leave There may be a risk of uterine cancer. It is difficult to have children if you want to have children but are in a state of lack of menstruation. May need to consult a doctor Because it affects having a child in a natural way, it may not be possible. There may be an underlying illness in the body Which lack of menstruation Is a symptom of the disease Or that malfunction Therefore should be admitted and treated Osteoporosis, decreased bone mass, legs.

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