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Wonderful "Dok Salt" with all-round benefits

   Discussion: Wonderful "Dok Salt" with all-round benefits
jiraporn66 · 14 days ago
 Salt flower is one of the raw materials obtained from the production of sea salt. Which was found to have many benefits that we did not expect Especially in the field of disease treatment Health and skin care Today Hello Doctor will take you to know the flower salt in detail and how to use it correctly. Let's get to know the flower salt together. Salt flower is the first product of salt farming. Which looks like sea salt on the water surface If you taste it, you  สล็อตออนไลน์ will feel that it is not very salty and a little sweet. Salt flowers are very pure. It is rich in a variety of minerals such as iodine, calcium and magnesium, etc., flower salt is also 5 times higher than normal salt, allowing those minerals to be absorbed effectively into the skin, so it is popular for treatment. Skin disease And use it as an ingredient of spa products Including skin care products What is the difference between salt flowers and ordinary salt? Many of you may not yet know how the salt flower is different from ordinary salt. In addition to being more clean than general table salt, it differs in many ways as follows. Taste Salt flowers are less salty than general salt. Which can meet the needs of people who want to reduce the level of salinity price This is due to the fact that the flower salt is small and rare compared to common salt. Therefore making the salt flower more expensive Utilization Flower salts and common salts have different benefits: flower salts are used for the treatment of health conditions, cosmetic diseases and cooking that do not require a lot of salty. As for general salt, it is beneficial for cooking shrimp paste, fermented fish or sauces and pickles, etc. Salt flower and its therapeutic use With the flower salt is rich in minerals There are many benefits to the health of the body. So if someone has various diseases As mentioned We can use flower salt to help relieve symptoms or simply treat ailments. On my own Ringworm and psoriasis To bring flowers, salt mixed with water and bathe the affected area. Joint pain Dissolve the flowers with warm water and use a damp cloth. Then put the compress on the aching joint. Bad foot odor Bring flowers, salt mixed with warm water, then soak your feet for about 15 minutes, repeat often. Treat scalp fungus Take a flower salt mixed with a little water and scrub the scalp thoroughly. Once the scrub is dry, rinse it off to remove any salt residue. Hair loss Dissolve flowers in warm water and dip your hair down to soak up the scalp. Massage the scalp for 3 minutes, then marinate it with a towel for another 3 minutes as well. Once finished, wash your hair thoroughly and should be continued once a week. Oral disease Mix it with toothpaste or mix it with water and rinse your mouth. Salt flower and beauty health. When health and beauty become one of the things that are no less important in this era. So many people find many ways to help maintain the best skin care. The salt flowers can help in this field as well. Whether it is mixed with natural oils or other ingredients For exfoliating or exfoliating the skin Helps in matters of skin as follows Solve uneven skin tone problems Reduce dark spots. From the Salt Research Institute In the United States, salt flowers were found to reduce dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tone problems as well. Contains potassium, helping to refresh and brighten your skin naturally. Exfoliates the skin, removes residue Just use the salt flower to mix with shower cream or various herbs to scrub the skin will help exfoliate the dead skin cells. Do it only once / week, you will notice that your skin will look more radiant. Because the flower salt has the property to remove impurities and excess oil in the body. Detoxify skin detox The concentration of flower salt has antiseptic properties. Potassium magnesium minerals help stimulate blood circulation. Thus making the skin look luminous Shine and tighten The miracle of salt flower and all the benefits we have mentioned above. It would be nice if we turn to take more care of ourselves for our health and good skin.

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