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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Keto VIP · 13 days ago
=11ptKeto VIP you really have to tune in to your hunger Drive and I know someone had asked us well you know I've dieted so much that I don't know when I'm hungry anymore and I would I would book an appointment with dr. Doug Lyall or Jen hawk and have a conversation about that and I'm sure that they could help you figure out how how to know when you're actually truly hungry and when you're actually truly full Katherine Santos was asking earlier in the chat have you ever heard of a herb that impacts metabolic rate I have not I think the biggest thing if you want to impact and change your metabolic rate is to move moving is what changes your metabolic rate you can never out run your fork but you can you know have more Forks of the right kind of food if you're moving a little bit so dr. Greger has lots of hints and tips in here on different foods that you can eat and the things that they will do and all based on scientific studies =11pt  

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