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Recommend to pay attention to the warning signs "Suicide" can help.

   Discussion: Recommend to pay attention to the warning signs "Suicide" can help.
jiraporn66 · 1 month ago
 The Department of Mental Health invites Thai society to pay attention to suicide warning signs, emphasizing that everyone can help. Suicide problem It is intimate and it isสล็อตfound that there are many suicide incidents, and it is most often seen that there are many self-harm. Before deciding to act Will send a warning signal To the family And people are always close But those receiving the warning often do not understandor interpret it correctly. To see that it is normal Demanding attention makes it neglect, not paying attention, or even noticing But not brave enough And lack of knowledge to take care of and help These are all contributing factors that eventually lead to suicide. Having knowledge of how to spot alarms And providing basic assistance Therefore important Which, if implemented Will help society and family Really reduce the losses incurred. Methods for identifying or assessing whether you are at risk of self harm or not, ie, are in a life crisis. And unable to adapt to solving problems in life Has a impulsive temper or personality An aggressive type or is experiencing disappointment. Failure in work, finance, school, loss of partner, family, chronic illness or certain psychiatric diseases such as depression, psychosis, suffering from illness, alcohol dependence, drugs, having a family member. Death from suicide or self-have a history of self-harm within 1 year, etc. These reflect that. Many suicides There is often more than one cause before taking action and with the final feeling of seeking help. Or for saying goodbye Signs are often shown to those close to it, such as complaining, bluffing, posting, or writing in a hint of wanting to die, not wanting to live. Life is priceless, nobody loves, nobody cares, doesn't know what to live for. I did not do anything successfully or behaved less introverted, separated from family and friends, smoking - drinking alcohol, etc., which are these warning signs. Close people and society should not be ignored. Should reach out to help urgently. To help reduce the aforementioned problems from Thai society Director-General of the Department of Mental Health said. Signal A distress signal Not a call for attention People close to have to change their own attitudes. Do not view suicide as a call for attention, it is a call for help where he tries to cry for help again. As a notice instead of words to help Because of them I can't find a solution. Can't see the exit door of the problem Therefore, this method was chosen to end the problem, so everyone should be able to help observe that in such a risky situation. Are there any signs of danger? If seeing such behavior Don't panic or see it as a call for attention, make adjustments, and watch the warning signs consciously. And think based on the rationale of those sentences and behaviors, what made them say that, what happened, and what was there to help out? Must show him that We understand the suffering he has. And ready to give a hand to help as he can If the problem is severe In the past, some families and close people have blamed or blamed, for example, why this stupid. Is this just a matter of death? Including not talking about the problem I thought I had already vented by saying that I would kill myself. And do nothing next Therefore further aggravating the situation In addition, when analyzing the news presentations, the number of suicides in the past was reduced. But there is an increasing number of repetitions through various media channels, which may affect vulnerable people at risk. Already have problems or are suicidal And looking for a way A flash of thought Decided to kill himself and eventually escape the problem Therefore need to ask for cooperation in the media to be careful in presenting news like this Because the media play a very important role in preventing and reducing suicide problems. Which past Many media outlets understand and cooperate very well, and finally, I would like to emphasize that suicide occurs at any time and in all ages. But can be prevented The key to prevention is when an alarm is encountered. People close to the risk of suicide or hurting themselves are urged to help. They need compassion. Want people to understand his feelings To console or listen to what he has to say. Showed that There is still someone who understands and cares and is on his side if the problem is us and he has not seen a solution Can choose to use a consulting service From 1323 Mental Health Hotline 24 hours a day or take them to see a doctor immediately. Said Deputy Director-General of the Department of Mental Health.

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