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"Carbonated Robot", a versatile machine Can be used in the household, in space

   Discussion: "Carbonated Robot", a versatile machine Can be used in the household, in space
jiraporn66 · 1 month ago
 US scholars are developing air-powered robots with funding from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, which NASA said. This airtight technology can be used both in space and on Earth. Dustan Kraus, a researcher at the Robotics and Dynamics Lab, Brigham YoungSLOTUniversity, said the King Louie robot is a Newbotics-designed air-powered robot. The motor moves as desired Researchers say the robot will be able to reach difficult areas for [color=black]search and rescue. Can help the elderly or the disabled Or even work on satellites in space Marc Killpack, professor of mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University, said in the study of soft robots. In order to build robots that are safe for people And safe for items that can be broken Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) are developing an airborne robot. Professor Marc Killpack said the robot is soft, a cloth-like exterior and a tire-like interior on a bicycle wheel, with an inner tube or Innertube, several air circulators. And have various parts structures That allows robots to move Because the King Louie robot can inflate with air. Therefore, it can be deflated, flattened and folded down to a smaller size for easy transport. That was something that drew NASA attention that it funded the project. Because this robot is small, light, inexpensive, and easy to send into space. Additionally, the King louis robot is less likely to be damaged during operation. Until the end of life Due to the strength of the robot that the outer shell is soft Researchers at BYU said that in addition to the use of robots in research studies. Researchers want to use the King Louie robot to promote education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Also known as STEM in elementary schools. According to BYU professor Marc Killpack, this soft robot is interesting in that it can really help people with disabilities. And can have it in the household Because it is safe for children and adults Researchers say King Louie is a truly safe robot. And the goal in making this robot was to help people in their daily lives. But it still takes 5-10 years to develop this technology to be widely adopted.[/color]

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