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"Secret Shoes" A cool gift idea for a 'James Bond' fan.

   Discussion: "Secret Shoes" A cool gift idea for a 'James Bond' fan.
jiraporn66 · 1 month ago
 For christmas Or New Year's Day That is approaching this Whoสล็อตhas no idea what gift to buy for someone close to you. Maybe you are interested in a new product from Very Firstto that is suitable for people who like 007 James Bond spy movies Looking outside This product is a good leather shoes that can be worn on any occasion. But if you open the insole on the shoe, you will find many hidden devices, including a tiny phone, a GPS tracker, a lanyard. Including a compartment that can store any amount of cash in case the wallet is lost A pair of spy shoes cost about 2,500 dollars or 82,000 baht. But Very Firstto said that compared to the benefits that can be obtained from this product when in a tight situation Regarded as an affordable price.

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