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'Smart three-dimensional mirrors' new inspiration for exercise

   Discussion: 'Smart three-dimensional mirrors' new inspiration for exercise
jiraporn66 · 1 month ago
 For those who like to go to the gym orทดลองเล่นสล็อตfitness center And the hobby is taking photos to post on Facebook or Instagram, sometimes or often, some cameras or apps can fix some bugs and help us look better. But for those who want real all-round information, Naked Labs' app called Naked can help. Co-founder Ed Sclater says the app is like a full-fledged mirror when we stand on the app dial with sensors. The 3D system takes a 360-degree image of our surroundings in just 15 seconds and presents images so that we can see the effects of the whole body from food and exercise. In addition to that, this App will present other important information such as body fat proportion. Including muscle mass To our mobile phones as well Ed Sclater believes that the three-dimensional 360 degrees that we get from the app will help motivate more people to lose weight. But Naked Labs isn't the only company developing an app to help motivate fitness. Because there is also another app called Mirror that helps us to exercise at home with a connection and live stream from a New York City fitness studio. To the living room of our home To help them feel that they are exercising with other members The developer of this App believes that if the exercise is at home. People who want to lose weight also have fewer conditions and excuses not to exercise. And although the Naked App is still quite expensive at the moment. But the founder of the company believed The cost for the app will allow you to see a 360-degree image around you and it is a worthwhile expenditure.

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