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They kept telling commumity in their official stations

   Discussion: They kept telling commumity in their official stations
Nanling · 17 days ago
Rex Dixon left the company pretty much for Mut 21 coins trying to push more gameplay and franchise fixes. Suits want to push the game in a different direction. Can it be especially him ? Granted I have only listened to his side of the story following years of attributing it specifically on him. If the buck does not stop with the creative manager, where does this stop at? Executives, directors, VPs, CEOs, high appreciated share holders, etc.. . Again this is coming out of his view, but within this breakdown of an interview w/ Rex, he mentions why he left EA, and how he pushed to delay the match for a year to to build the game from the ground up to move from legacy code. The previous director Ian Cummings also left for similar reasons, at the end of the day EA is well-known for killing franchises, and spewing into the lowest denominator in regards to client relations. Could you say he was responsible, sure. However, I also think there were individuals higher up that produced madden the game it's today. Rex was still the one to intestine M12's Franchise and replaced it with the dead version we have now. He was there for that I believe 6 decades. He turned into a"martyr" for him being outspoken against EA in the end. Obviously he is not likely to take responsibility for his own contribution, or lack thereof, to madden success. However, it generates a far superior finished product. Pretty sure this response was to quiet negativity quite a little, at least before launch, so that they can continue to keep their own M21 ad campaign going without much disturbance. And I believe they achieved their goal. When match release will probably be close, just mark my words, they gonna appear and say exactly this:" Sorry, staff worked hard, but we couldn't make any huge changes so profound into development stage. However, this work will be put to use in M22, which will have overhauled and amazing franchise expreince". And of course M22 franchise will nonetheless be identical as M13. It will be exact same thing they did together with M20. Since release, when game was completely unplayable for very large group of PC players who'd Core i5 processors (which has largest userbase). They kept telling commumity in their official stations that staff is"working hard on the correct", up until NFL season was over, to keep sales up and after that just came out and said that fix was not coming. They didn't even give any refunds to individuals who got screwed over like this. Put an intentionally awful memo about what's new in business mode in order that they could return out within a month, say they haven't had enough time to produce big improvements so these are the minor ones they made, and watch the community give them praise for performing the least. I would be willing to wager that whatever they add was in the works for a little while now, and they are gonna get positive media for it buy mut coins madden 21 today even though it will not be a good deal. In case it provides us a fantastic Franchise style. I really don't care what tactic they did lol. But will their strategies provide us a good franchise mode? Probably not.

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