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Dingbest · 13 days ago
Welcome to RS gold Pure guide to figures. You'll find the most useful info with this particular kind of participant builds below. We are going to answer questions like what are the pures, why gamers create themand how to achieve correct stats because the pure in Old School RuneScape. WHO ARE THE 'PURES' IN OSRS? The expression"Pure" is used by Old School RuneScape players to determine the exceptional kind of accounts created simply to achieve a specific level in some of the stats while averting training other abilities. By way of example, a player who wants to reach 99 Attack without training surveillance ability can be called an Attack Pure, and those who achieve 99 Magic with no extra level in Power would be Magic Pures. It is only an example as Pures might have quite different stats. For instance, Void Mage Pure will instruct just Magic and Hit Points while perhaps not leveling Defence stats. So to put it as straightforward as you can, Pures are accounts which avoid leveling specific skills to achieve as low Combat Level as possible whilst staying as harmful as potential with high-level analytics in different skills. WHY PLAYERS CREATE PURE CHARACTERS? Just as stated earlier, players who want to stay in low Combat Level range while using high damage dealing stats are Pures. They dedicate their time avoiding getting expertise in some of  cheap RuneScape gold the abilities while maximizing others. They do that because those players want to be as dangerous in Player vs. Player as you can while looking just like a low-level character.

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