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Divine Protection
   Discussion: Divine Protection
David (anon) · 10 years, 1 month ago
David is being hastled at school by gang members and wannabe gang members for the reason that they have many and David is one,they are very brave because they have a lot of them and there is only one David.It is a matter of time when they are gonna want to fight David or attack David with many of them together...Pray whenever anybody or any group of people thinks about starting trouble with David,GOD will put the worse fear they ever felt in their hearts.Pray whenever any troublemaker thinks about starting trouble with David they will see two 10 foot muscle bound giands standing next to David.Pray if David ends up having to fight anyone or any group of these people,GOD will give David great strength to be able to knock everyone of them out all at the same time.In JESUS Name Amen

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