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Going to Get Them?
   Discussion: Going to Get Them?
Site Administrator · 10 years, 1 month ago

In Luke's gospel, there are a series of stories detailing the account of the lost. There is the coin lost somewhere in a darkened environment. There is the son who walks away from home. There is the sheep that wander away from the flock.

Sponsor AdThe woman lights a candle and goes looking for the coin. The father waits for the prodigal to return. The shepherd leaves the 90 and 9 and goes looking for the stray lamb just like Joshua's parents, law enforcement and volunteers went looking for him.

Be glad for a Savior who cares enough about the walkers, wanderers, and willful who go missing in action in our communities. There are those missing in our churches. Who goes looking for them? Who goes looking for those who wander away from bible study? Who mounts a search effort for those who walk away from worship services?

Who cares about those who are lost in a spiritual wilderness with only a t-shirt, tennis shoes and a diaper? While we are struggling with the struggle in our comfort zones being about being busy, who goes looking for the lost these days? Who gleans the fringes of the fields? Who is going after those who don't deserve service and are a drain on your resources? Is the harvest still plentiful and are those who serve too few?

The question rings from heaven again today, as it did for Isaiah - who will go for us? And the response is what? Will it be here I am Lord, send me?

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