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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Prayer List
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                                                            Our Prayer List


           *Sis. Elvira Jackson                                         Sis. Mae Thelma Kimble

           Bro. Azzie Shaw                                                 Bro. Leonard Martin

           Sis. Maggie Jones                                            Sis. Hattie Hayes

           *Bro. Mack Haywood, Sr.                                  Bro. Jimmie Moore

           *Sis. Emma Jackson                                        Sis. Mildred Jones

           *Bro. Alex Jones-in accident                            Sis. Ethel Borum

            Bro. Isaac Jamerson                                        Sis. Sherryce Hervey

            Bro. R.L. Jackson                                              Bro. Charles Long

           The Jones Family                                               *Sis. Dorothy Johnson

           The Shaw Family                                                 Sis. Nora Johnson


Our Extended Family & Friends

The Bereaved Families ----Upshaw, White, Smith

Disaster Victims

The Armed Forces

Students and Area School Districts



*recently hospitalized

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