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Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Prayer List
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Expecting One (anon) · 8 years, 5 months ago

Pastor Larry J. Hervey

Sis. Elvira Jackson                                               

Baby Alicia Kee in UMC

Bro. Azzie Shaw                                                  

Bro. Leonard Martin

Sis. Maggie Jones                                                  

Sis. Hattie Hayes

Bro. Mack Haywood, Sr.                                            

Bro. Jimmie Moore

Sis. Emma Jackson                                              

Sis. Mildred Jones

Bro. Alex Jones

Sis. Ethel Borum

Bro. Isaac Jamerson

Sis. Sherryce Hervey

Bro. R.L. Jackson

Bro. Charles Long

The Jones Family

The Shaw Family

Bro. Fred Spearman, Jr.

Sis. Dorothy Kee


Our Extended Family & Friends

Pastor Cleveland Alexander

Pastor Larry Ware

Sis. Marie Torrance

Bro. Steve Phillips

Sis. Alicia Berry-Matthews

The Bereaved Families

Disaster Victims

The Armed Forces

Students and Area School Districts

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